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%, but this not our lives, this is our hobby. >> pageant owner annette hill believes america's backlash against pageants all began with the precocious images of jonbenet ramsey parading across the stage in 1996. ♪ ♪ >> next on "larry king live" -- >> she says the media tends to focus on the negative. >> do you want to go into child protective services? >> as do movies like "little miss sunshine". ♪ >> some people in america are disgusted by these pageants. >> we well, i think that's their opinion. we're not going to stop doing them. parents enjoy showcasing their kids. what is wrong with that? as long as you keep it in a positive aspect, i don't think anything is wrong with that. >> the spray tans, whis it so necessary? why can't children be beautiful the way they are? >> the tan, i mean, i just think it looks pretty to be tanned. you know? swimsuit models, whatever. you want to have a nice glow to you. >> but she's 4. >> but she's 4. >> look in the bathroom -- >> as for the over the top costumes? many people are concerned they're sexualizing these very young girls. do you think the show
power america's future with the key ingredient beneath a salty landscape. jeffrey kofman now reports from boliv bolivia's uyuni salt flats. >> the car we travelled in for ten bone rattling hours runs on gas, butf the story you're about to see comes true, one day fairly soon this car will be obsolete. that is why we made this long trek to one of the most remote places on earth, a place that holds a greener future for our planet. there it is. two miles above sea level in the andes mountains. one of the most stunning landscapes anywhere. it may look like snow, but that salt. bolivia's uyuni salt flats, the largest in the world. where do you stay when you're visiting these remote salt flats? where else but a place called the salty moon. around here, that is much more than a catchy name. >> uyuni really is all about salt. the walls of the hotel are built of brick of salts and the table is blocks of salt. even the floor, salt. you don't believe me question? salty. out the sat flats t only people you find are salt gathers who work in the blinding glare. for their efforts, they earn a few d
be america's next big thing? well, let's see what the simon cowell of invention has to say. >> they say that necessity is the mother of all invention. about te man you're about to meet could be described as its hed so, because he's launched so many products for some of the hation's biggest companies that he's been given a job by the government. government. k?s task? hatd the next big thing that will help spark this sluggish omy.omy. hilearbara pinto reports, while e ere may be no shortage of ideas not everyone is a winner. e ere may be no shortage of ideas not everyone is a winner. >> meet the dreamer. >> hi. >> hi. my name is >> inventors who hope their ideas will strike gold. >> we have an invention. >> is that the invention? >> that's the invention. >> this that is a -- >> it's a swiss army knife of waste accessories, holding dog waste bags. >> they've traveled to this chicago hotel ballroom to meet the man. >> they'll be interested in the inventor. >> doug hall, the brilliant, often barefoot guru of invention? >> people go through the process, they decide they don't have something w
. >> these are the hands of one of the most famous doctors in america. mehmet oz, director of the cardiovascular institute gives us exclusive access to the operating room as he performs open heart surgery. this patient is 82 years old. but what distresses the surgeon of how many of the patients are today in their 40s or 50's. >> i want you to put me out of business. you realize, my goodness, this didn't have to happen. that strips out any pride you might take from the advances in technology. you see this fat? >> that's fat? >> yeah. this yellow stuff is fat. he shows me the fat around the patient's heart. you don't get rid of the fat? you bypass around it? and i hold the calcified valve, an answer tobehavior. it peoples as if there are pearls or stones in it. it's a precision of the surgeon. >> when it's going well, it's ballet. >> this is the man, his hour, dr. oz. >> and the high watt and -- wattage of the exuberance of the master of television. >> go ahead. >> dr. oz can talk about anything and it all started here. >> so give me the program. two hours a day, an hour day. ten minutes. >> no, no. on a go
save lives and change the face of education in america. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good evening. we begin with what might be called america's sandwich shop. it is somehow parlayed the obesity epidemic and a troubled economy into a fast food empire, but there are no super sized french fries, no double cheeseburgers dripping this calories. instead these meals are measured in inches and grams of fat and they're now selling at more than 20,000 locations coast to coast. with a home grown pitchman and of course a catchy signature chew. as john berman now reports. >> we all need to eat in boom times and busts. we get hungry no matter what happens to home prices. when the dust settles from the recession, there will still be lunch. what does this economy taste like? >> yeah. >> it tastes fast. fast food sales are projected to increase 4% this year and this might be the new anthem. >> $5. ♪ $5 foot long >> we did double digits last year despite the economy and we are up again this year. >> jeff moody is the ceo of subway. we're in a subway in milford, connecticut, but chances are there'
on the shooting tomorrow on "good morning america." >>> now to the two journalists sentenced to 12 years of hard labor on their way home. laura ling and euna lee accused of trespassing into north korea are being accompanied by former president bill clinton. the plane touched down late tonight to refuel in japan on their way to burbank, california. while in north korea, the former president met with the nation's leader, kim jong il, and left with exactly what he came for -- amnesty for the two young women. now, family and friends wait for a triumphant reunion. >> tonight, the first brief glimpses of laura ling and euna lee at the pyongyang airport headed for the plane that is now carrying them home. the younwomen look to be in good health as they climb the stairs to the aircraft, where former president bill clinton waited. he greeted the journalists rather formally, but earlier today when they first met it was described as an emotional moment. a statement from the clinton foundation said that clinton has safely lt north korea with laura ling and euna lee and they will be reunited with their famil
of the most revered and feared restaurant critics in america. a guy who struggled with food for years. a little weird, right? you were a short time bulimia, laxative taking, amphetamine using -- >> you have a lot of hyphens going on there. >> and then "the new york times" asks you to be the food critic, and you said yes. what were you thinking? >> i knew i was in a better place. i also know that the enforced rhythmic eating of having to go out every night would take away from me the ability to say myself i'm going to pig out tonight because i'll diet for next week. i could never diet for the next week so i could never tell myself the lie it was okay to pig out today. >> so the restaurant critic job, i think people are fascinated by what that means. what do you have to do as part of your job? >> eat. i'm in restaurants pretty much every night of the week. sometimes six out of seven nights, but almost always that much. >> like an alcoholic working in a liquor store. >> i mean, i was always looking for a magic bullet. i wanted a short cut, i wanted a cheat. one of the things i learned ov
, what you need to know about the real state of america's economy. is this the beginning of the end of the slump or the end of the beginning? and high times. lisa ling tries to get a doctor's recommendation for medical marijuana. will it work? in an area where are -- where there are more places selling pot than starbucks coffee what do you think? >>> and like a virgin, and miley cyrus and the jonas brothers, all squaring off. how come chastity is once again a sign of the times and what happens to the celebrities who embraced abstinence the last time around? captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good evening, i'm cynthia mcfadden. we begin with the state of the economy. it's been suffering from major mood swings of date. the dow took a beating today, dropping over 180 points. we have heard the rumblings that the recession is over, that the bottom has been reached. yet the foreclosure rate remains high, people are still losing their jobs and those back to school sales are attracting few shoppers. what's the disconnect? is as president obama says the worst really behind us? john donvan re
it can intensify. now the entire east coast of america is waiting to feel the effects tomorrow. it is not expected to make landfall in the u.s., but nonetheless the danger is significant. our sharyn alfonsi is in cape cod with the latest. >> the cape is bracing for bill tonight, the storm is expected to bring heavy surf and strong rip tides. from north florida all the way to new england. from space, bill looks like a beast. more than 700 miles across. nearly as wide as e state of texas. >> bill is a scary looking storm, but it's not going to be visiting anybody along the eastern seaboard of the united states. so the big impact going to rough surf and again, perhaps some tropical storm-force wind gusts out on cape cod. the area there's -- area that's taking a beating is nova scotia sunday afternoon. >> bill is hundreds of miles off shore, but agitating water ace long the atlantic coast from northern florida to new england. and in new york, eight-foot waves forced beach closures in long island. >> very treacherous conditions. as you can see, we are letting them get their feet wet
now reports for our series "sex in modern america". >> we all know that sex sells. and increasingly sex sells to women. perhaps it's the cultural influence of carrie bradshaw and her posse. >> look. i thought it would be scary and weird, but it isn't. it's pink for girls. >> or maybe the success of "sex and the city" spoke to a deeper reality for women. >> it's just more people who have come along to try to kate we are product and acknowledging what they want and what they're interested in. >> the sexual revolution may have started 40 years ago with women burning their bras, but as the movie "stud hunter" dramati dramatizes, women sexuality has come a long way. stop for a minute. pornography is a $10 billion industry, much of it online and according to some estimates 9.4 women a month. point and click and you are find that women are seeing what's being offered. trip triple x movies are no longer dominated by the y chromosome where the pizza guy shows up. >> fresh and tasty. >> nice and hot. >> and that's pretty much it for the plot. >> having been in some adult movies in my late 20'
recently filed this report for our series "into the wild". >> deep in the jungles of south america, the jaguar is king of the beast. majestic, but when he wants to be, ferocious. so who is that guy taking a jaguar for a walk? jordan egger, only 19, is from london. he has been caring for rupi for a month. >> i think you get here in ten mines and you realize he's such a sweet cat, as you can see right now. >> yes, the big cat can seem sweet, but they're not always like that. a collection of videos on mysp the this is ambue ari. part of a network of image reserves in bolivia like nothing you'll find anywhere else. they have become a popular destination for extreme adventures. people from the u.s. and other parts volunteer in harsh conditions. >> it's muddy. >> yeah, it getsorse. >> they come here to care for abandoneand jungle animals. living with them from sunrise to sunset. >> well, i don't think -- >> but the big draw -- the jungle cats. >> that is caroline dougherty from greenwich, connecticut. for the last two weeks she has been here at the reer is -- reserve taking care of ans
dangerous place on earth with a war going on. the desperate battle to stop the drugs before they hit america's streets. >>> plus into the wild. we travel with the world's oldest living reindeer world and the endangered people who depend on them for their existence. >>> and canine sunscreen, doggie doughnuts. even aromatherapy for fido. why people who pamper their pooches are "a sign of the times". captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good evening. today was election day in afghanistan, no results yet, but the votes come as the american-led war there enters the eighth frustrating year. the white house says it's fighting a war on two fronts -- against the taliban and also against a network of drug growers and dealers who supply 90% of the world's heroin. heroin and other drugs were a major source of the funding for the taliban and other radical groups across the region. so this summer, armed with only a camera, karen rousseau journeyed to the front lines with the elite unit trying to make a difference there. >> it's about 4:15 in the morning in afghanistan's southern kandahar province. the clean
, but hundreds upon hundreds of photographs of america's political dynasty. >> there was that that we first saw them, the family running around the yard and throwing the footballs and the women and the men, and those sailboats. those constant pictures of various family members on the sailboats. >> they always suggested vigor. >> certainly vigor was certainly a big part of the kennedy mystique. >> and hyannisport was always the back drop. >> hoing a large family and an active family, i think it's been very much involved with the out of doors, with all of those implications. >> hyannisport was camelot's beach house. the kennedy castle on nantucket sound, a home at produced not just one but three sons who aspired to the highest office in the land. joe kennedy bought the big dutch colonial with the wraparound porch in 1929. three years before his youngest was born. >> this is hyannis on beautiful cape cod. >> for many americans, hyannisport is synonymous with elitism, a sort of place -- a sort of place where people use summer as a verb. >> the kennedy children grew to maturity. >> but as irish cath
. the nice judge. the one who alwa had a kind word for contestants is out. >> there's no doubt america is loving you right now. >> was it money? reports about abdul's salary have varied widely, with claims she's made as much as $2 million to $4 million a year. >> she's trying to make it all like it was all negotiations, it was about money or other things. really this was just about her and producers not wanting to work with her anymore. >> it was only four months ago that i sat down with paula abdul in los angeles for a rare, exclusive interview. it was toward the end of the idol season and paula made it clear she wanted to stay. so do you want to stay on the show or not? >> i love the show. i do. i love what i do on the show. and i'm loving it more this season than ever. it's taken a while to get comfortable in my own skin. >> eight years maybe, yeah. >> yeah. finally on my last year of the contract i'm having the best time of my life. >> this is "american idol"! >> the industry experts believe that producers are taking a big risk in changing a winning cast. so why did she leave? >> b
more mileage out of less. [ horn honks ] new charmin ultra soft. america's softest bath tissue. >>> in his 34 years at a high school in iowa, ed thomas had so much success they called his team's playing field the sacred acre. not only di thomas win two state championships and send four players to the nfl, but he helped lead his community through the devastation through a tornado in may of 2008. but then 13 months later, tragedy struck again. espn e-60's stephen has the story. >> on the morning of june 24, in this red barn behind the sacred acre -- >> 911. >> we had a -- i think a shooting right now. at the high school. >> yeah, at the high school, where? >> in the bus barn. >> in the bus barn. >> yeah. >> do you know who it was? >> no, i don't. kids had come running out and said someone had shot ed thomas. >> ed -- okay. >> i remember 8:07 on my cell phone, and my mom told me -- she just said, aaron, your dad has been shot. someone shot your dead. i said what? >> ed thomas was 58. mark becker was quickly arrested and charged with first degree murder. trial has been scheduled fo
to negotiate the release of the two america journalists, laura ling and euna lee who were sentenced last month to 12 years hard labor for
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Search Results 0 to 32 of about 33 (some duplicates have been removed)

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